Wow wheres my login? Whats my password for this site?
Logins are now through, this site no longer stores your password for security reasons

What is And why would i need a account? is a SecondLife based company, a subsidary of GridPlay Productions.
Most GridPlay websites are starting to use the .NET login system (except for BloodWars MMO)
Getting a .NET account is easy, just visit our inSL office and click on the registration terminal. It will give you a temprary password that you can then change on the website. From there can click Login link here to use your new .NET account here.

Why this change?
We are doing this to better handle privacy, data collection and ease of access (and ease of development)

Any other questions please talk to one of our staff members or jump into our live chat to speak with a agent in real time.

Posted Nov 22 2022 5:32.43AM